For my birthday one year--I couldn't have been more than 9 or 10--I got a brand-spankin' new Walkman and shiny, black plastic headphones from my best friend. Included were three cassettes: Mariah Carey, Cyprus Hill, and John Michael Montgomery (If that isn't an eclectic mix of music, I don't know what is).

Hang on... I'll get to the point.

I listened to that John Michael Montgomery cassette so many times, I knew the words to all the songs the first day I got it. And to this day, when I hear someone mention George Strait, I think of this cassette. My childhood. It brings back a happy feeling for a number of reasons.

John Michael Montgomery had a song called, "Cowboy Love." And in it, he sings about schmoozing a woman, winning her affections, and having her fall in love with a Cowboy. How? By seeing his pick-up truck, country line-dancing, and listening to classic, bonafide country music--Like George Strait.

Underneath the midnight moonlight, Cuddled up real tight, Cozied down by a fire, Listenin' to some George Strait, George Jones, Country love songs you'll change your mind

George Strait, to me, has always been an idol to past and present country singers. He's mentioned time and time again in their songs. HIT songs even.

Which got me thinking....who else has George Strait in their lyrics?

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    Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)

    by Garth Brooks

    And then they're heading to the honkey tonk
    But loud crowds and line dancing
    Just ain't what they really want
    Drive out to the boondocks and park down by the creek
    And where it's George Strait 'til real late
    And dancing cheek to cheek

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    Texas Women

    by Brooks and Dunn

    Something tells me she'll sit out the first one
    Then they'll play George Strait and she'll be gone
    Cause heaven knows that girl was born to two-step
    And Texas women don't stay lonely long

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    Real World

    by Big & Rich

    I got more money than George Strait
    I throw benjies out the window all day
    Just to see how far they fly, bye bye
    I get more girls then the president
    Mom and dad still pay the rent
    And I throw parties all night long

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    Play Something Country

    by Brooks and Dunn

    Crank up the band play the steel guitar,
    Hank it up a little lets rock this bar.
    Threw back a shot yelled I'm a George Strait Junkie
    Ayoo Play somethin Country
    Ayoo aw Play somethin country

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    Love Your Love The Most

    by Eric Church

    Man I Love How Redman Taste
    And Damn I Love My Nascar Race
    Any Song Sung By George Strait
    Is Country At It's Best

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    Give It to Me Strait

    by Tim McGraw

    Give it to me Strait
    Sing "Am I Blue" while I sit here and cry
    And tell me how My baby's gotten so good at goodbye
    It's gonna take a fireman to put this old flame out
    So come on give it to me Strait
    Before I come unwound

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    My Life's Been A Country Song

    by Chris Cagle

    The Pyrmid of cans in the pale moon light
    And that Summer Becky broke my heart
    Alabama sang old flame burnin'
    Well I've danced with George Strait
    Drank with George Jones
    My life's been a country song.

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    Redneck Woman

    Gretchen Wilson

    I've got posters on my wall of
    Skynyrd, Kid and Strait
    Some people look down on me,
    But I don't give a rip
    I'll stand barefooted in my own
    Front yard with a baby on my hip

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    Play the Song

    by Joey + Rory

    It's too Garth, too George Strait
    Too right down the center, too left of the plate
    The hook's too weak or the subject matter's way too strong whatever
    Yeah and it's too bad they don't just

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    Western Girls

    by Marty Stuart

    Big hair, pink lips, eyes all painted up
    Spray net and George Strait riding in her pickup truck
    Midnight, highway, headed for the club Siam
    Heartbeat hot spot, looking for a cowboy man
    I'm a talking about

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