Every state has a signature dish. Some are pretty obvious. Maryland has Crab Cakes, Pennsylvania has the Philly Cheesesteak, and Illinois has Deep Dish Pizza (thanks Chicago). In Wyoming, it's likely you can probably guess its signature dish within maybe three guesses...

By the time you have made it to this paragraph, I'll go ahead and assume you have already guessed that it is Bison Steak. We also would have accepted anything Bison related. The national food publication Eat This, Not That recently made a ranked list of each state's signature dish. And Wyoming's Bison Steak ended up pretty much middle of the road. It was ranked 29th overall, right in the meaty part of the curve (pun intended). Not showing off, not necessarily falling behind.

If you look at some of those that ranked ahead of Wyoming's signature dish, perhaps you would understand why there are so many ranked ahead because lots of them are definitely well deserved. Besides, just as Eat This, Not That says, there's not a lot of places outside of Wyoming where Bison Steak is prevalent enough to find just anywhere.

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However, the great people of 'Visit Cheyenne' make it pretty easy for anyone to find a couple local spots that will have 'Bison On the Menu'. One would be The Senator's Steakhouse at Terry Bison Ranch. They happen to have a selection of Bison on their menu, along with an award winning Bison Burger, and some Bison Chili as well.

Another option featured by Visit Cheyenne is Wyoming's Rib & Chop House in the heart of downtown Cheyenne. They feature a 32 oz. (yes, 32 ounces) Bison Ribeye that will make your mouth water just reading about.

These are just a couple of spots that are locally in Cheyenne, but great examples of where to go for some Bison Steak so you can experience our state's signature dish for yourself. You be the judge of where it should rank on the country's list.

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