So, it’s no lie.  I love craft beer.  I’m more of a fan of German styles and some English, but in general, will try any that people will boast about.  Here in Wyoming, there is no shortage of great beers, and with a holiday weekend looming, I knew I needed to bring back some brews to impress my friends in the Bluegrass state.  You see, my best friend is a part owner of a Brewery in small-town Henderson Kentucky.  I decided that I wanted to share part of the west with him, his business partners and brewers.   

So, what was I going to bring?  Like I mentioned, there are some great beers in Wyoming.  My wife works for one of them, so I was able to take her input as well.  Laramie has a brewery that has won a couple gold medals from the Great American Beer Festival, as a beer nerd, I’m well aware that this is the Mecca of craft beer.  So, off to Altitude Chophouse & BreweryTheir Altbier is incredible and has won the accolades.  That is sure to strike my friend’s fancy.   

Next, newly opened Blacktooth Brewery in Cheyenne.  They have a lot to choose from, but if I wanted one that would stand out, I needed their Barrel Aged English Strong Ale, the 1314.  At almost 12 percent ABV, it packs a punch, but is very smooth and sweet.  Sold.  I also grabbed their summer ale, Tour Bus.  It’s a fruit ale with a hint of grapefruit.   

Now that I have my selections to bring back to my old Kentucky home, how the heck am I going to pack it? After looking up some rules on how to pack alcohol on a flight, I discovered that transporting beer in your checked bag isn’t limited like it is with liquor.  Again, it has to be checked, otherwise if you try and take it past TSA, they’ll laugh at you, pour your beer out and probably tell you you can’t read good or something.  Here are some rules from TSA’s website if you want to look for yourself. 

So, I was able to take all that beer back with me with no trouble.  We put two crowler cans in a gallon sized Ziplock bag with an ice pack and it carried very well, protected by a bath towel.  Best part, my friends LOVED the beers I brought them.  They sent us home with a care package of beers from Kentucky for me to share when we made it back to Cheyenne.  The process started over again. So, if you want to show off your towns beers, feel free to check your bag and stuff it to the brim! 

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