I love the internet when the internet stops being serious and does what it does best: give us something to laugh at. I would definitely put this in that category. It's what the internet thinks about how Wyoming really measures social distancing.

This uses just about every stereotype imaginable and Wyoming is not excluded. Check out the map for yourself courtesy of Ashley Bez from McSweeneys.net.

Ashley Bez, McSweeneys.net
Ashley Bez, McSweeneys.net

Wyoming social distancing = 5.5 handguns? Sounds about right.

Here are some other honorable mentions: Montana = 1 freezer for elk. 22 beards for Colorado because it's trendy. I seriously laughed hard at North and South Dakota equaling 2 senators too many. Well done, Ashley.

Thanks to the CDC, we all know about the 6 foot distance recommendation by now. 12 unused masks in Florida equaling 6 feet is funny, sad and accurate.

If they were to make a social distance measurement specifically for Casper, what would it be? Two pronghorn nose to tail? Distance between vehicles going full speed on Wyoming Boulevard? So many possibilities.

Ashley's funny map is worth checking out to see how she dogs all the other states, too. Well done.

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