The Winter Storm Warning continues into Thursday (January 6th) for southeast Wyoming. Winter weather is certainly not the most pleasant thing to deal with. We've all received our own taste of that throughout the years, including last March, in case you forgot.

During that particular month, Cheyenne received a record breaking snowfall of more than 30 inches right in the middle of March. You know, the week right before the first week of Spring, which is supposed to bring warmer temperatures and flowers blooming and all that stuff. But no, we got dumped on with a record breaking snowstorm that left the city snowed in for the most part.

But what's a little snow? Is that going to stop us from having fun? We haven't been deterred in a lot of other circumstances. So make the most of it. And right now, we aren't even dealing with nearly that much snow as we did in March. It's closer to that total divided by at least three or four (in case you want to do that math). But even last March, we still found ways to have fun in rough weather conditions. Just check this out.

That was the scene in Cheyenne on March 14, 2021. Now, granted, the snow isn't nearly as deep as it was then and it's a little bit colder out right about now than it was at that time, but all the same. We're Wyomingites, we've made it through tougher cold than what's out there right now before, we'll do it again. And while we're at it, maybe we'll have some fun with it like they did in the video above.

Maybe some of this is easier for me to say than most. I once lived in North Dakota for about five years when a foot of snow for us was known as Tuesday. And if they know how to have fun in North Dakota, then we can certainly do it in Cheyenne, WY. That's also saying a lot since there's absolutely nothing to do in North Dakota (insert eye roll emoji).

So while the wintry snow we're enduring isn't exactly ideal, make the most of it! Make a snowman, make snow angels, or start a snowball fight with someone (probably not a stranger, that's weird). Enjoy your first taste of Winter 2022, Wyoming!

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