Everyone dreams of finding buried treasure in their backyard when they're little. But what if it were actually sitting in your backyard waiting? Well, the infamous Fenn Treasure, hidden by millionaire and real life Indiana Jones, Forrest Fenn, might be waiting in the Rocky Mountains for one enterprising treasure hunter to find.

Unfortunately, the quest for the treasure has claimed a few lives in the pursuit of it, including one tourist looking for the treasure in Yellowstone National Park here in Wyoming.

The treasure was recently reported on by popular youtube duo, Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara for Buzzfeed Unsolved, where they attempted to find the treasure in New Mexico. The clues to find the treasure, valued at over 2 million dollars, are below in an Instagram post shared by Fenn himself.

According to the video and other research on the topic, the clue "Begin it where warm waters halt," could refer to a favorite past-time of Fenn, namely trout fishing, which is primarily found in cooler waters. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming where trout fishing is plentiful and nearby canyons that could allude to the second of the clues. Not to mention that Yellowstone is a favorite place for the millionaire himself to visit with family.

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