Yesterday, we published an adorable poem written by a 9-year-old Casper girl about Thomas Gobbles.

The only wild turkey in Wyoming with his own Facebook page, Thomas has thousands of fans.

However, there are others who would prefer to eat him for Thanksgiving.

Residents near Casper College have accused the turkey of causing traffic jams, damaging their gardens, chasing pedstrians, interrupting classes, harrassing students and engaging in lewd diplays of public affection with his girlfiend.

The Casper Police Department even published a public warning about Thomas' bad behavior earlier this year on their Facebook page.

"Many are familiar with Thomas the Turkey. He is frequently seen in the area of 12th and Ash. Thomas has no common sense nor does he follow the clearly articulated statutes governing pedestrian crossing of a roadway (jay walking). Thomas also likes to play "chicken", so to speak, and will chase cars down the street.

Pedestrians, especially females, should take notice and avoid Thomas. For reasons unknown he is a woman chaser and has chased several ladies on the Casper College Campus.

Thomas, a hazard to vehicular navigation, should be avoided. Please be careful when you encounter him on the street," said Casper Police Sgt. Scott Jones.

Which begs the question, is Thomas Gobbles a beloved member of the community or a public nuisance? Tell us what you think.