The dictionary says ‘on the q.t.’ means a secret or quiet way. Quinten Taylor loudly announced his presence at Casper College’s spring rodeo. The Canadian won all-around cowboy honors and did it at the rough-stock end finishing first in both saddle bronc and bull riding. He carded 340 points for his T-Birds which was more than several Central Rocky Mountain Region teams totaled over the weekend. Taylor went so far as to not settle for his first bronc riding low score in the championship round Sunday when offered a re-ride he jumped at the chance to go a second time. Taylor was the only guy to cover two bulls over the weekend and entered the Ropin' & Riggin' Days Rodeo ranked 3rd in the Central Rocky Mountain Region in that event. He was also 3rd in the saddle bronc and the top 3 finishers in the region will qualify for the College National Finals that will be in Casper in June. He had quite a weekend and had a lot to be proud of.

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