Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday.

That kind of disrupts the week.

Family and friends are gathering. Food needs to be gathered and prepared. There's a lot to do. Yet the boss still expects us to show up at work.

Let's face it: Nobody is really working.

Not even the boss.

Take our lovely lady construction worker in the picture above. She has picked up the same two boards and put them down every time she thinks someone important is looking. She has spent a lot of time pretending to organize her tool belt.

WOW, looks like some important papers you have there on your desk.


Just keep turning the pages with a pen in your hand and mess with that calculator now and then. Meantime there isn't much really going on in your head. Thinking is too much like work.

Now pick up the phone, nod, "Mmmhmmm. Yes, I understand, good idea." Maybe act like you're dialing it now and then while franticly looking up a number.

Now you have them fooled.

Some people make the mistake of putting so much effort into looking like they are working, it actually becomes more work than work.

If that's not working for you then go sit with a fellow employee and talk about nothing, just make it sound like it's work talk by throwing in a word now and then that is work-related.

The most clever employee knows that his boss is really goofing off too, so he engages his boss in one of those conversations for HOURS!

Here is a great example of what I mean.

Glenn Woods Pretending To work - or something.
Glenn Woods Pretending To work - or something.

Right now I am supposed to be writing an article for this website, but as you can tell I've done no research. I'm just randomly typing this garbage, which is not working at all.

And there you are, at work, reading this, pretending to be reading something important.

See, we are working together at not working.

You're welcome.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Glenn Woods
Glenn Woods

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