A few weeks ago, a live stream of Jackson Town Square went viral with thousands of people watching for no apparent reason. Well, it is still going strong. The Sheriff Department has had some fun with it. You can see one officer chicken dance and transition into a dab in the street. Someone unknown put on a Batman and Robin puppet show in front of the cam.

Regardless of why the internet is fascinated with this feed, people are doing crazy things for the audience. Should we really care why? In the words of Kurt Cobain, here we are now, entertain us. These are some of the eccentric things people did to get on the internet.

  • Nose Man

  • Batman and Robin

  • Chicken Dab

  • Cops Doing Push Ups

  • Feed The Arch

  • Moon Man

  • Dancing Fools

  • Girl with Balloons

  • Phone Man

  • Red Flag Lady

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