Jimmy Kimmel’s big get for his post-Oscar special was Oprah Winfrey. And to reward the TV mogul for doing his show, Kimmel decided to pitch Winfrey a bunch of ideas for her fledgling network OWN. One of those ideas? Book fight club.

The meeting took place in Oprah’s office, which is notable for the tiny chair guests are required to sit in while they address Oprah. But although Kimmel was forced to look up at the daytime queen, he was still quite confident in his pitches. Which just added to the comic effect, since his ideas were completely ridiculous.

Actually, the first pitch is pretty darn good. Who wouldn’t want to watch a show of Oprah forcefully repossessing all of her “favorite things” that she had given away to audiences over the years?

However, we have to agree with Oprah that all the other ideas were too absurd for even daytime TV. Still, it was certainly enjoyable to see Winfrey go all Steven Seagal in Kimmel’s proposed ‘Book Club Fight Club.”

And it was also enjoyable to see Kimmel get flustered and mistake a bath salt for candy. We hate it when that happens.

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