We are just about a week away from the big day! December 25th seems so close and it got here so fast! Do you have your festive lights up? Have you been enjoying all the other displays of festive Christmas lights around town? And what do you think of Wyoming's Christmas displays? How would you think they compare with the rest of the states in the country. Let's find out...

A home decor retailer known as Joybird recently did a study to figure out just what the usage cost was of running LED vs. Incandescent Christmas lights in each state. They also called this an 'Enthusiastic Usage Cost'. Of course, it does make sense. It figures in how much time your Christmas lights are running during the holiday season. So where does Wyoming rank in comparison with all the other states?

The power usage for the list is based on how much was used from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. On average, that seems like a fair time to estimate. However, let's keep in mind that these are 'enthusiastic usage costs'. These prices will be higher than the average or even high usage. Basically it's kind of like what would the average cost of running these Christmas lights be like if everyone on the list was as decorative as Clark Griswald in the classic 'National Lampoon's: Christmas Vacation'. That's the type of average usage that we're measuring in this particular statistic. Or at least something along those lines.

Let's also keep in mind that Alaska and Hawaii were not used in the research, so only the contiguous states in the country were used. There was also a disclaimer on the list for enthusiastic usage cost were typically lit for about seven hours per day for 34 days, 30 strings of lights used to wrap two trees, 15 strings for walkway trees, 10 strings for a light tree, 95 icicle lights, 150ft spool of rope light, 500ft C9 string in yard, and 800ft C9 string on roof. Yes, that's a lot! I think Clark Griswald might even be envious.

With all that, the average price for LED lights used in Wyoming comes to $66.02, while the Incandescent lights come out to $511.35, all while using Wyoming's residential electricity rate. Now, while that may be some staggering numbers, overall, Wyoming had the 35th most expensive 'enthusiastic usage costs' out of all 48 states. We weren't even close to the top of the list.

California had the highest cost at $126.47 for LED and $979.50 for Incandescent lights. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island followed to round out the top five in the nation. The state of Washington had the lowest payment with $57.69 for LED and $446.77 for the Incandescent.

Well, that really shows where our 'enthusiastic' level is for Christmas, Wyoming. Way to be! Just a bunch of cheapskates! Just kidding! Some of those prices are a little outrageous, even for the most enthusiastic fan of Christmas. Happy Holidays to everyone, regardless of your decorative display of lights!

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