Just when Wyoming thought Kanye was on his way OUT of the Cowboy State for good, the "Heartless" singer pulls a fast one. According to the New York Post, the rapper has decided to keep his multi-million dollar ranch in Cody, Wyoming.

Rumors are flying as to why West has decided to keep the Wyoming ranch, with plenty of them circling around his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

What Does Kanye Keeping His Monster Lake Ranch Have To Do with Kim Kardashian? 

The jury is out on why Kanye decided to pull his mega ranch off the market. But it does seem a little suspicious that he did so only a week after Kim K. said "adios" to her then-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Is this a sign that the Kanye x Kim feud is over? Kanye hasn't confirmed the motive behind the decision yet, but it does seem like a pretty big coincidence. Hm...

There's also a chance that Kanye just got tired of waiting for the ranch to sell. Monster Lake has been on the market since October of last year - nearly a year has passed with now buyers ready to purchase Yeezy's Wyoming paradise. He originally bought the 3,888 acres of land for the whopping price of $14 million and was trying to sell it at a loss for $11 million - no dice.

Or maybe Kanye decided he liked Wyoming too much to give up the ranch. After all, it does have some pretty sweet features. Have you seen the ranch? If not, check it out below! Aside from the gorgeous lodge, it has TWO freshwater trophy lakes, a go-kart track, horseback riding trails, and llamas. I wouldn't peg Yeely as a llama-loving ranch owner...but whatever floats his boat, I suppose.

Whatever his motives, it looks like Kanye West plans to keep his Wyoming ranch for the time being. So, don't be surprised if he starts visiting the Cowboy State for a round of go-karts and fishing (though, honestly, I can't picture Kanye fishing, can you?)

Check Out Kanye West's Monster Lake Ranch

The rapper has one sweet ranch in the Cowboy State.

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