A six-week checkup last Friday at UC-Health in Denver showed Dakotah Winsor's wellness way above expectations and the 20-year-old Kaycee, WY cowgirl who survived a fiery two-vehicle crash on the way home from a barrel racing event felt the need to stop in Fort Collins on the way home to support her Central Wyoming College rodeo team. Winsor's neck injury and immediate aftermath of being moved without a brace should have been, by all accounts including that of neurosurgeon Dr. Wayne Gluf, fatal or at the very least resulted in paralysis. She is instead walking with the aid of crutches because of a broken ankle and very thankful for the support shown by hundreds of people. A passerby pulled her from the wreckage and the pickup became completely engulfed in flames along the highway between Casper and Shoshoni.  In addition to offering positive news in Denver Dr. Gluf, who is a career veteran of the U.S. Navy, also took a look at a few goat tying videos of Dakotah and said she should be fine to get back in the arena by fall. He did suggest she might consider taking up chess instead. That is not going to happen.


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