Rudy Gunter’s statue memorializing the legendary Kenny Sailors is now on display at Washington Park in Laramie.

A nice crowd turned out for the dedication of Gunter’s statue that started as a labor of love back in 2013 and 2014.

Bruce Pivic, the owner of the statue, spoke to those gathered about Kenny, Rudy and shared stories of both gentlemen.

After Pivic was done speaking, members of the Gunter family, including the sculptor Rudy Gunter, Pivic and others officially revealed the statue to the public.

Here's what the description at the base of the statue says:

The ceremony began with Laramie City Councilor Pat Gabriel discussing how this all came together, plus Laramie Mayor Andrea Summerville spoke about the importance of passing along Kenny Sailors’ legacy.

The possibility of the project was brought in front of the Laramie City Council in February and approved in April of this year. According to Councilor Gabriel, Friday’s dedication took place three years and two months after the north gym at the Laramie Plains Civic Center was renamed in honor of Sailors.

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