Los Angeles Laker teammates Kobe Bryant and Larry Nance Jr. have both been injured recently.

The former Wyoming Cowboy finally got back into the lineup last night after nursing a knee injury. Despite the fact that Larry was playing in last night's game against the Dallas Mavericks and Kobe was not, Bryant pulled a veteran  move and asked Nance to sit on the floor when there were no more remaining seats.

Bryant is undoubtedly one of the best basketball players of all time, easily a top 25 pick on almost everyone's list. However, in my humble opinion, Bryant also makes the "alltime jerks list." Which, in professional sports, is quite lengthy.

In 2012, I covered Team USA Olympic basketball. Kobe Bryant was on that team, along with dozens of other NBA stars.

Every day after practice hundreds of fans, including many kids, lined up hoping to get a glimpse of these amazing athletes.

One by one the players would come out and wave to the crowd, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Love, James Harden. A couple of guys I was particularly impressed with were Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, who stopped to sign hundreds of autographs every day.

There were two guys that didn't want anything to do with their fans however. New York Knick Carmello Anthony refused to acknowledge anyone, and when a kid asked for an autograph he simply replied "no."

Kobe Bryant was worse than that. He was the only person to get an escort through underground tunnels so the fans couldn't even look at him. He was the only player to take a private car to his hotel rather than the team bus.

Yes, he's a basketball legend. But, I wasn't surprised by this move.


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