This is something I never thought I would see in my life. Mainly, because I have no idea how this will work. It feels impossible to have live music at a library. I just feel like a librarian will chase them around, shushing them. But, somehow, Laramie County Library System is set to host a "Holiday Extravaganza" with live music and I guess the librarians will temper their shushes.

All kidding aside, this looks like a really fun event. According to their Facebook post, they'll have music from the band Wood Belly, crafts, scavenger hunts trolley rides, and more. This really sounds like an awesome event to take the kids to for some holiday fun. The parents will enjoy Wood Belly, too, so it's a win-win.

According to the Laramie County Library System's website, this is the reason for the event this season.

Laramie County Library System is throwing a Holiday Extravaganza! In celebration of the Smithsonian’s Crossroads: Change in Rural America exhibit at the library, adults and families are encouraged to join us for an enchanting evening with this special after-hours event.

I appreciate that they're calling it an extravaganza. That makes me want to go more. The event is set to kick off Friday from 6 pm until 8 pm, so it's not too long that the kids will get bored unless they're really hard to impress. So, go ahead and get your dancing shoes ready, maybe roll up your pant legs some and enjoy some great bluegrass music from Wood Belly and celebrate with the Laramie County Library System.

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