Ask anyone who has adopted Laramie as their home what one of their favorite things about the Gem City is and you may get many responses. Is it the vibrant nightlife? The farmer's markets? The outdoor activities so close to town? Many people may say that they adore the public art interspersed all over town. From murals to installations, public performances to revitalization efforts, the public art helps keep Laramie weird.

"LPAC [Laramie Public Art Coalition] recognizes that public art is a catalyst to connect residents and visitors to culture, the environs and one another. It enhances the quality of life in Laramie and articulates Laramie’s role as one of the state’s cultural hubs. Because public art is freely accessible to all and located in the public sphere, it enhances people’s experiences of public places and provides opportunities for building community and connections.

Public art is not just about paintings on a wall - it’s about bringing art to every aspect of the community, giving community members a voice in their public space, respecting artists and the profession, and working together with artists to create cultural experiences that reflect the vibrancy and richness of our great community.  We strive to make the public art process as transparent and inclusive as possible."

The organization is now officially recognized as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, which gives it federal tax exempt status, as well as allows for tax deductions for those who donate to the organization. They will also qualify for more federal grants and opportunities with this new classification.

Help them celebrate and keep Laramie weird and artistic! Make a tax-deductible donation now on their website. 

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