The eatery in Cheyenne's Frontier Mall has a new neighbor. On Friday, a new cafe called Forge Cafe opened in the mall. The best part about Forge is that they're not just another coffee shop in town, which, let's be honest, we all read the Facebook Community posts in Cheyenne, saying new coffee shop is almost as bad as new bank or attorney's office. Luckily, Forge Cafe differentiated itself from the rest of the pack.

The new cafe will not only serve various types of coffee but, they'll also have crepes made to order, they also have various teas(including bubble tea), Red Bull drinks, and more.

The crepes seem pretty cool because they're not just the sweet crepes you would expect to get at any breakfast place that would carry them, they also have savory crepes on their menu. The most intriguing, to me at least, on the savory crepes side, would be the pepperoni crepes. I mean, come on, that's going to be better than pizza!

If you want to poke around the menu and get your work week started with a crepe or one of their coffees, you can take a look at their menu here from Toast.

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It's nice to see more companies setting up shop and opening in Cheyenne. A new cafe in the mall is a nice new addition, especially with holiday shopping around the corner. There's nothing like grabbing a coffee on the go or getting a nice crepe to refuel after a long day of shopping.

Take a peak at the new cafe below.

Frontier Mall Welcomes Forge Café To The Mix

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