Wyoming nature is really cool! It's not everyday when you see the same things that you will see in the Cowboy State and it's pretty magnificent! Of course, there are those days when you are just going about your day just driving down the road trying to get where you need to be, whether it be going to or from work, meeting up with friends or family, or just running some errands and then all of a sudden, you get caught in traffic because you get stuck behind a giant bison that's taking up all of the road.

When something like this happens, how could you possibly be mad? Not only are you getting caught in one of the most abnormal and hilarious situations ever, but you get the experience of seeing this beautiful animal up close and personal. After all, they're going the same way you are, taking the same road. They've got places to be too.

Some one was great enough to get an awesome video of this incredible creature just going about its business in the Yellowstone National Park region.

As you can see and hear, the video appropriately and comically had some solid background music with 'Danger Zone' from Kenny Loggins. That's definitely something you are probably only going to see in Wyoming. And that makes us just about the only state where you can use the excuse, "I got caught in traffic behind a bison," when you're running late.

But hey, at least the animal wasn't too reckless. It stayed in its lane. It seemed like it knew the rules of the road. You can't ask for much more than that when you're traveling through Wyoming.

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