Marshawn Lynch went full 'Beast Mode' as he laced up the skates and hit the ice rink in a new video that showed his sporting a Colorado Avalanche jersey. He now has a new hockey alter ego as 'Shawn Gretzky'.

The five-time NFL Pro Bowl running back randomly shows up in the most peculiar spots. He's either handing out turkeys in Hawaii, playing video games with Conan O'Brien, or showing up in HBO's Westworld in a recurring role. Marshawn Lynch finds a way to be seen. He's quite the showman.

But his latest venture has him hitting...the hockey rink? Lynch is friends with the Calgary Flames' right winger Akim Aliu, and it was Lynch's pal that convinced him to suit up and get on the ice. Beast Mode took to the ice with some Colorado Avalanche apparel.

The Avs certainly took notice as well.

While Marshawn Lynch's skating skills weren't exactly on point, he seemed to be having a good time. However, NHL teams, rest assured that it doesn't look like we'll see Beast Mode on the opposing team any time soon.

And finally, as the NHL can now take a sigh of relief knowing that, let's also remember why Marshawn Lynch is known as Beast Mode. Remember when he did this in the playoffs?

That's literally the definition of 'Beast Mode'.

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