Miranda Lambert recently went camping with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, and some other friends as they enjoyed some time to relax throughout a few different states out West. One of those states happened to be Wyoming.

If only all our vacations could put us in the mood that Miranda Lambert seemed to be in throughout her very own. From the looks of it, she and her surrounding crew of friends were making the most of their camping trip out West.

Of course, technically, their trip would be known as 'glamping', which is camping with a few luxuries for the most part. Although, based on their pics, it seems they also did plenty of hiking and biking while kicking things off in Colorado.

Then it looks like they made the most of Moab, Utah where they even got to do some off-roading in a dune buggy.

Then over to Strawberry Bay, Utah, where it seems they got plenty of sun while on the bay with some drinks as well because why not?

And then it was off to Wyoming in the Grand Tetons. Yes, I know she didn't exactly make it down to the southeast corner of the Cowboy State, but all the same, Miranda Lambert definitely knows where to go for some good whitewater rafting.

Maybe she can find her way down here this week for Cheyenne Frontier Days...maybe? Probably not, although that would be pretty awesome! Regardless, Miranda knows the perfect state to finish off a much deserved vacation!

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