We all know how this past year has affected all of us and businesses as times haven't been the easiest. A local bagel shop in downtown Cheyenne has recently opened back up its doors to the public after only being available to offer curbside services.

During the last week of March, in downtown Cheyenne, Mort's Bagels opened up its doors for indoor dining once again. The local community has certainly given a boost to the morale of the downtown joint as Mort's Bagels Manager, Sarah Depooter, had some kind words to say about welcoming back in the public to Wyoming News Now:

It was fantastic. We’ve missed interacting with people and not just being at their car and smiling, and having them in here, and chatting with them and it’s just a different environment in here than outside...The fact that we were open the entire time, it was stressful at times, but having loyal customers is the reason we’re still here and we cannot be more grateful

Depooter has been with the company for almost a full decade at eight years and has been a manager for about three years. She, as well as the rest of those at Mort's Bagels have been very appreciative of the local support throughout the Cheyenne community for their business. She's hoping to continue to build on the existing relationships the business has with the community, as well as creating relationships with new customers venturing downtown.

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Mort's Bagels is open Monday through Friday at 1815 Carey Ave in downtown Cheyenne and you can find all the info on the business, including the hours of operation at their website here.

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