Burger King has done something that may seem out of left field, but really packs an impact. The notorious feud between the golden arches and the 'King has been legendary, but this time, the introduction of "unhappy meals," in contrast with the famous Happy Meals from Micky D's is one out of a place of help and healing.

With a video titled "#FeelYourWay," Burger King tauts the slogan that "No one is happy all the time," with matching meals that will help you express your emotions. From a "Pissed meal," to a "Blue Meal," and even the meme-tastic "Yaaaaas Meal," there's a range for every emotion except "Happy."

The campaign #FeelYourWay shows that's it's okay to admit if you're not feeling good.

Burger King has released this promotion, not just as a way to take a dig on its competition, but specifically to raise awareness for May's Mental Health Awareness Month. MentalHealthAmerica.net is the benefactor of this promotion, but for a limited time, you can get a meal that describes how you feel. As long as it's not happy.

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