May happens to be National Mental Health Awareness Month. And something can be great for our well being is exploring the outdoors, especially considering the past 15 or so months that we have endured. That being said, a recent study researched the top national parks for mental health. Sure enough, Yellowstone is one of the top national parks in the world for just that.

On a list of the 'Top 15 National Parks for Mental Health', Yellowstone National Park ranked 6th overall and was one of just two in the U.S. The other is Denali National Park, located in Alaska.

The determining factors were such things as amount of green space, number of lakes, types of plants and animals, air pollution levels, visitor numbers, and other activities like hiking, boat tours, and more.

Get our free mobile app cited the sightings of abundant wildlife such as bears, lynx, etc. to be good for visitors among their walks through the park. The publication also had this say about the parks mindfulness:

With 140 lakes to explore and take in the scenery, it’s a calming place for everyone. They also have an abundance of activities including 5 different boat tours/cruises which take you on the lake to take in the incredible views. The views and being outside in the fresh air will help to relax your mind and encourage you to breathe.

The top national park in the world was Swiss National Park in Switzerland. That was followed by Banff National Park in Canada, Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, Jasper National Park in Canada, and Goreme National Park in Turkey. Denali National Park finished 8th on the list.

Despite have to drive a few hours for it, it's nice to know that in Wyoming, we have one one of the top national parks in the entire world for mental health. If you should happen to make it out to Yellowstone this summer, enjoy it to its fullest!

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