It's January, and among gym goers, it's the time of the year when it suddenly gets crowded as everyone starts off on their new years resolutions. Prove to them that you're not just going to stick around til February and find the right gym for you to build healthy habits and keep going back week to week. You can do it!

Of course, your loyalty is going to lie with whatever gym is your current favorite, but with yelp reviews, cost of attendance, equipment and variation offered, I put together a list of the top gym's in Laramie, ranked. Did your favorite make the cut?

#7: CrossFit Laramie

"High Altitude, Low Attitude" is the slogan for this gym in Laramie. It's a CrossFit gym, so you'll have to be down with following specific guidelines and goals for that if you join, but it can be rewarding and definitely get you in shape! They offer classes and coaching right here in Laramie to help you get to be the best version of you.

#6: CrossFit 7220

"We are family," says CrossFit 7220. Classes, coaches, and comradery set this gym apart, and it's convenient location near the UW campus also makes it an option for students who want more than what Half-Acre can offer. Not sure if CrossFit is the work out for you? Don't worry, they offer Free CrossFit Saturdays so you can get your feet wet and see what you think first.

#5: Planet Fitness

The newest, and definitely cheapest option, in Laramie is Planet Fitness. While I'm usually a big proponent of keeping your dollars local and supporting small Laramie businesses, this gym does offer a good amount of value for it's price. It has a lot of value for people who travel a lot, as you will be able to use the black card membership at any of their 100's of facilities across the US. While you won't find as much specialized equipment, coaching, or classes, you will be able to get started on the road to fitness by creating a routine- and maybe watch some TV while you run too.

#4: City of Laramie Recreation Center

Sometimes overlooked, but always a fabulous option, the city of Laramie has a fantastic Recreation Center. This is the place for you if you don't want to limit yourself to just work-out equipment. Sure, they have that too, but they also have basketball courts, volleyball courts, a pool for swimming laps, yoga classes and a handy indoor track for when it's just too cold out to go for a run. You can also get a membership for the whole family, and the kiddos can enjoy the lazy river while you sweat away the holidays.

#3: Half Acre Gym

Here's a fact I only recently learned: did you know you don't have to be a student to use Half Acre Gym? You can go with a student as a sponsor for the daily rate. If you are a student, there's a lot more to Half Acre. Climbing wall, lap pool, a track for indoor training, and fitness classes that are free for you with your UW Admission.

#2: Laramie Fitness

Formerly known as the Kourthouse, the owners of Laramie Fitness lead a full-scale re-branding and remodel that leaves the gargantuan building on 3rd street as one of the most diverse and comprehensive gym in the city. It has a little bit of something for everyone, says one yelp reviewer. With the recent expansion, whether you're more into cardio, crossfit, lifting, or general fitness classes, you'll find your place at Laramie Fitness. Plus- they have saunas in the locker rooms and an in-house fitness store, Fuel Nutrition.

#1: Altitude Fitness

One of the advantages of hitting the gym in Laramie is the altitude. I've experienced this personally when travelling to sea-level for competitions. You have so much energy! This is something that Altitude Fitness embraces in not just their name, but the attitude. With a full staff of coaches, a large facility with specialized equipment, and a unique partnership with the Spine & Injury Clinic of Laramie, this is a gym that's all about getting you to peak performance. Altitude Fitness is also running a special January membership drive to help you keep your resolutions.

Which gym is your favorite? Vote in the poll below to let those looking for their new gym know which is the one they should go to:


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