Rumors have been going around Nashville recently that an installment of the Real Housewives reality TV franchise is filming in town, and according to a new report, that may be at least partly true.

Us Weekly reports that a new Nashville-based reality TV series has been filming in town, but it's not clear if it's tied to Bravo, the network that produces the Real Housewives franchise — and in fact, it hasn't even been picked up by a network yet.

An unidentified source tells Us, “There is a Housewives-style show filming in Nashville, that includes Caroline Boyer and Jana Kramer on the cast. It is still being shopped around and has not been picked up yet.”

Caroline Boyer is the wife of country superstar Luke Bryan, and she has achieved internet fame of her own via a series of entertaining Instagram hijinks, including a longstanding prank war between her and her famous husband.

The speculation about a show began after Kramer posted cryptic pictures and video online and asked fans to guess what she's been working on. Country Now and others reported on the rumors, which took on more heat after Dee Jay Silver's wife, Jenna Perdue, and Jason Aldean's sister, Kasi Wicks — who is married to Chuck Wicks — both shared an Instagram Story reading, "Let the Adventure Begin," which several other women thought to be part of the rumored show also re-posted. Perdue and Wicks both shared some glimpses into something they're filming via Instagram on April 11, but did not clarify what it might be.

Jimmie Allen's wife, Alexis, and Tyler Rich's wife Sabina are also rumored to be part of whatever project might be filming, while Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, turned to Instagram Stories on April 12 to openly mock reports claiming she is involved.

“I’ve read a lot of things about myself over all these years," she said. "One being that I am a conspiracy theorist. Another being that me and Jason have marital issues ... and now, apparently, I’m on the Real Housewives of Nashville."

“You’re on the Real Housewives of Nashville?" her husband asked with fake surprise. "Since when?" he added before dismissing the reports by saying, "Fake news."

“Apparently, it's new. It was apparently filming going on that I am unaware of," she replied with obvious sarcasm before agreeing, "Fake news strikes again."

Bravo has not announced any plans for a Nashville-based Real Housewives show.

Music City has a truly unfortunate history with failed reality TV shows. In 2007, Chuck Wicks and a young, almost unrecognizable Jamey Johnson appeared on a doomed Fox show titled Nashville that lasted for just two episodes. Crazy Hearts: Nashville ran for one season on A&E in 2013, and TNT aired an ill-fated show titled Private Lives of Nashville Wives, which died after one season in 2014.

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