Taco John's, headquartered right here in Wyoming, has recently unveiled a new menu item, "street tacos."

The thought process behind the street tacos appears to be Taco John's attempt to cash in on an increasingly more popular way to grab food, the food truck.

Street tacos come with three meat options, chicken, beef, and shrimp. An order of three tacos rings up just over $5.00 and you can mix and match the meat you prefer.

As a huge fan of tacos and street food, I was a bit skeptical of trying this lunch. However, I was pleasantly mistaken.

Every bite packed a lot of flavor. The flavor that stood out the most was their garlic lime sauce and a nice amount of pico de gallo. Shredded lettuce and cabbage added some crunch. I love that the tacos come with a slice of lime to get some extra citrus on the tacos.

I assumed chicken and beef would be solid fast food options, but was a little worried about shrimp. Although shrimp would be my least favorite option of the three, it was actually very good, too.

Overall, I'd highly recommend Taco John's new street tacos, and they have made their way into one of my top fast food favorites! I'm sure foodies will be critical that these come from a fast food place, but if you did a taste test without knowing where these are from, I feel confident they would exceed expectations.

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