A new study from eToro.com has shown that certain names may equal more financial success.

To collect data, the site looked at its 12 million members, and then made a list of the names associated with the most and the least success with their investments.

This article from StudyFinds.org suggests using the information to help you pick a name for your baby.

With all the memes and jokes about a baby boom 9 months after the CLOVID-19 induced quarantine, it might not be a bad idea to keep these names in mind.

I suggest that those of you that are single file these names away to help you pick a partner that is financially independent...it can't hurt right?

The study says that the most financially successful name for males is Andrew, while Anna came in at number one for females.

What names should you watch out for?

According to the study males named Dan, Rob and Chris had the least amount of financial success and women named Karen and Rachel struggled.

I'm not sure how accurate this really is, but it's an interesting idea that a name can predict your financial success.

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