If you were born in the 70's you probably grew up with a lot of Jeffs and Jennifers. If you were born in the 80s your school probably had to sort all the Christophers and Jessicas by their last name. Children of the 90s are either named Ashley or Joshua or know someone who is.

But what about the present? What is the most popular baby name in Wyoming?

Like several other states, Wyomingites favored the names Emma and Liam in 2017. In 2018 those names got bumped from the top spots.

The Social Security Administration's website lists the most popular baby name for each year, and according to their records, the favorite baby names of 2018 were Amelia for girls and Oliver for boys. We won't know the top names of 2019 until next year.

Emma was number two in 2018, but the reign of Liam was short, that name dropped to number 28.

Top 10 Babay Names in Wyoming in 2018

  1. Oliver / Amelia
  2. Logan / Emma
  3. Jackson / Elizabeth
  4. Lincoln / Harper
  5. Wyatt / Olivia
  6. William / Evelyn
  7. Carter / Ava
  8. Owen / Cora
  9. Lucas / Ellie
  10. Alexander / Charlotte

In case you were wondering, the number one names in Wyoming in 1960 were David and Mary.

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