There is a new trend happening with baby names. It seems that parents have been naming their newborns after herbs and spices. There is no joke here. This is an actual thing, according to data from the Social Security Administration.

While the list for most popular baby names of 2020 has yet to be compiled and likely won't be out until the fall of 2021, based on the baby names used in 2019, there is an uptick of babies being named after herbs and spices. And not even the most popular ones, some of these are quite obscure.

For example, Sage (666 boys, 1,164 girls), Juniper (22 boys, 1,526 girls), and Basil (71 boys, 28 girls) were all big. There was also Jasmine, which I didn't even know was an herb or spice (I don't cook), but it was used 2,092 times for girls. That name actually seems relatively normal. But there was also Poppy that was used for 628 girls. Really, Poppy? Others used were Thyme, Saffron, Curry, Clove, Cayenne, Anise, and Mace.

Now the big question is, will Wyoming follow suit and start naming their babies after the herbs and spices. The last list of top baby names for Wyoming for boys had names such as: Liam, Oliver, Henry, Asher, and William. For baby girls in Wyoming: Charlotte, Olivia, Harper, Emma, and Willow. No herbs and spices used in those, at least to my not-so-great cooking ingredient knowledge.

So we have a little while before the next list of top baby names comes out, but will there be a Paprika or a Nutmeg in there somewhere for the top Wyoming baby names? Or maybe soon people will start with dipping sauces for the next trend of baby names. If that's the case, expect the names Ranch or Chipotle Mayo to start dipping their way (pun) onto the list. The main point here is, be sure to give some thought to your baby names before you go all-in on Horseradish or something of the sort.

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