Probably the most famous pyramid in Wyoming is the Ames monument.

It sits at the high point between Cheyenne and Laramie at 8,247 feet. The Ames monument stands at what once was the highest point on the route of the Union Pacific Railroad. Since then the tracks have been rerouted a few miles south. But the monument still stands. Visitors will see a sign on interstate 80 where they can pull off a gravel road and drive to this massive structure.

Can we call a building a pyramid if the sides are rounded. The University of Wyoming Art Museum, just about a  half hour drive from the Ames monument is a Pyramid with rounded sides. Or is that a cone? You decide.

It may not big as big as the pyramids of Egypt, but it is still a monument. The Pyramid at Little Sandy Crossing, Sweetwater County, Wyoming. The monument marked the spot where Brigham Young met James Bridger, and they camped overnight.

There are natural pyramids in Wyoming.

The tallest pyramid in Wyoming stands at 11,107 feet. Pyramid Peak in Jackson can be reached from either the ranch or the nearby Crystal Creek trailhead. Climbers love it in the summer. Skiers love it in the winter.

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