Let's be honest - is this really much of a shocker?

For anyone who has flown out of Denver International Airport even a handful of times, it certainly shouldn't be.

Denver International Airport
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According to travel site, Price4Limo, DIA reigns as the #1 airport in the country when it comes to delays. Not only that, but additional data shows that Denver International Airport has also earned itself a spot among the worst airports in the U.S. for flight cancellations.

Delays & cancellations - two words you never want to hear when you're planning on flying.

The Top 10 Worst U.S. Airports For Flight Delays

Below is a rankings list featuring the top 10 U.S. airports with the most flight delays, according to Price4Limo:

  1. DEN
  2. DFW 
  3. ORD
  4. ATL
  5. MCO
  6. LAS
  7. LAX
  8. PHX
  9. EWR

To put Denver's ranking into further perspective - those flying through DIA between June 2021 and June 2022 were met with 61,617 minutes worth of flight delays, compared to those flying through the airport with the least amount of flight delays (HNL) and were only met with 8,956 minutes worth of flight delays.

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Oh, and if you were wondering about flight cancellations...

Denver International Airport Ranks Among Worst U.S. Airports For Flight Cancellations

Not only does DIA take the number one spot on the list of worst U.S. airports for flight delays, the airport has also earned itself another ranking among the top five worst U.S. airports for flight cancellations - and it doesn't come in at five... or four.

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The Top 10 Worst U.S. Airports For Flight Cancellations 

As per recent data from Price4Limo, as well as the Bureau of Transportation, the following are the top ten worst airports in the U.S. when it comes to flight cancellations:

  1. DFW: 10,612
  2. ORD: 8,330
  3. DEN: 7,209
  4. LGA: 6,550
  5. EWR: 6,452
  6. CLT: 5,355
  7. ATL: 4,658
  8. DCA: 4,546
  9. MCO: 4,287
  10. JFK: 4,202

Between June 2021- June 2022, Denver International Airport saw 7,209 flight cancellations, making it the third-worst airport in the nation for flight cancellations.

If you take anything away from this news, let it be this - always check your flight information before heading to the airport, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Oh, and perhaps consider leaving yourself a little extra time to get to the airport, should your flight be taking off as planned... you never know how long you wind up having to wait in line for security.

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