How close can you park your vehicle to a stop sign?


Laramie Municipal Code reads as follows with Section J related specifically to the question asked.

10.36.20 Generally--Where prohibited

It is unlawful for the operator of a vehicle to stop, stand, or park a motor vehicle at any time at any of the following places, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with instructions from a police officer:

-Within an intersection

-Between a safety zone as designated by the traffic commission, and the adjacent curb or within twenty feet of a point to the curb immediately opposite the end of a safety zone, unless the official traffic commission indicates a different length by signs

-Upon a crosswalk

-Within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant

-Within fifteen feet of the driveway entrance to any fire station

-Within the outside portion of a private or public driveway or alleyway

-Upon a sidewalk or upon public property between the curbline and the property line

-Upon driveways of commercial garages, filling stations, and service stations or within twelve feet of the gasoline pumps of any such place of business other than while such vehicle is being serviced in the normal course of business by such businesses

-Adjacent to any curb painted yellow, or adjacent to any curb displaying a "No Parking" sign, either of which has been designated by action of the traffic commission

-Within twenty feet upon the approach to any stop sign, traffic control signal, or flashing beacon located at the side of a roadway

-In the front yard of any property in the city, unless otherwise allowed by the Unified Development Code

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