According to a new Wallet Hub study, Wyoming has the hardest working dads in the country.

2016's Best and Worst States for Working Dads ranked each state on a variety of factors, including employment rates, wages, access to child care, health insurance and work-life balance.

Wyoming fathers work more hours than any other state, except for Alaska. When it comes to striking a balance between work and life, dads in the Cowboy State ranked dead last.

The news isn't all bad for working fathers in Wyoming. The Cowboy State was tied with Utah for the lowest unemployment rate among dads with children under 18 years of age.

Wyoming also ranked 17th for quality of child care and finished eighth for "economic and social well being". Overall, Wyoming finished 28th nationwide in the study, which included all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Minnesota was ranked as the best state for working dads, followed by Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Nevada was the worst state for working fathers. Alaska, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana rounded out the bottom five. Click here for the full study.


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