Are we even thinking about the gym with the holidays coming up?

Here we are getting closer to the holidays and we are still dealing with COVID-19. It's effected so many of us and so many of our businesses as well. We've talked a lot about restaurants and bars, but what about gyms? These are certainly businesses that have been effected by the virus and the fear of contracting it.

So let me ask you, have you gone to the gym?

Think about just before the pandemic hit. It was right after the start of the year. Many people had either been diligently going to the gym (prepping that body for spring) or they had purchased a gym membership shortly after they set those health resolutions. And then, gyms closed down.

Many people were left holding a membership card without being able to use it. For some, it was the perfect excuse not to go back and for others, it meant they needed to get creative at home. It's still hard to find fitness equipment at the store as stock was depleted during the pandemic.

A recent survey has found that 60 percent of gym members have yet to go back to the gym.

The survey was conducted globally and found that only 30 percent had gone back to their gym routine between August 1 and August 13. Maybe that number has gone up since then, but as we get closer to the holidays I doubt it. I would be willing to bet some people have thrown in the towel and will wait for the new year. There are those who, I'm sure, worry about the cleanliness of gyms or maybe the home gym has worked out well for them.

I've never had a gym membership, but my heart breaks for our local gym owners. I've met some really passionate people in the fitness industry who truly care about their clients. I guess this is another industry, like movie theaters, that we will see change because of this pandemic.

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