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Cheyenne Liquor Stores Will Soon Sell Sonic Hard Seltzers
Hard seltzers are still just as popular as ever after they became the craze back in 2019. They're everywhere now with too many brands to count. And now the fast food chain, Sonic, will have its own hard seltzers in liquor stores this Spring.
Bud Light Hard Seltzer Lemonade is Available in Wyoming
The hard seltzer craze hit hard a couple years ago and even carried through that strange 2020 we had. But when 2020 gives you lemons, it looks like 2021 is turning it into Bud Light Hard Seltzer Lemonade and it's available now at your local liquor store
The Top Hard Seltzers to Drink for This Summer
Last year was pretty much the year of the hard seltzer. The demand for hard seltzers became so crazy, there was actually a shortage of hard seltzers at one point. So what are the top ones out their to drink during this summer? Let's find out...