Former CFO of Wyoming Catholic College Charged With Fraud
In late June of this year, a lawsuit had been filed in federal court which alleges that the former chief financial officer at Wyoming Catholic College (WCC), Paul McCown, had defrauded an insurance firm out of $15 million. The suit was filed by New York-based advisory firm Ria R Squared. ...
ACSD No. 1 Lawsuit Dismissed
According to documents filed in U.S. District Court on April 18, both ACSD No. 1 and the plaintiff, a former Albany County resident, filed for the lawsuit to be dismissed with prejudice – meaning the lawsuit is permanently dismissed and can’t be brought back to court.
Lawsuits Dismissed
In the lawsuit filed in February, ACSD No. 1 and three employees were accused of failing to act to prevent alleged sexual harassment of a former Harmony Elementary School student by another student, which the lawsuit claims eventually led to sexual assault.
ACSD No.1 'May Consider' Resolution
“We have had to get more efficient, which is totally acceptable,” Yennie said. “We understand what needs to happen at a state level; we’ve got a funding issue. Then again, there’s a constitutional decree that we provide a basket of goods and the legislature’s supposed to provide a basket of goods.”
UW Foundation Lawsuit
In the lawsuit, Mandy Davis alleges the ‘retrenchment’, or elimination, of her position as human resources manager was a ploy for unlawful retaliation against her.
School District Lawsuit
The lawsuit was filed by the mother of a former Harmony Elementary School student and alleges that Albany County School District No. 1 employees failed to act to address the sexual harassment and eventual sexual assault of a six-year-old girl.

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