Teens looking for something to do this summer won't have to look too far! This summer, Planet Fitness is offering free memberships for the summer for any teenagers who want to work out, better themselves, and find a place to hang out during the hot summer months.

With school out and plenty of free time, why not pick up a new hobby like working out at the gym?

‘Teen Summer Challenge’ Program Invites Teenagers Ages 15 – 18 to Work Out for Free in all of its 1,700+ locations nationwide from May 15 – September 1

Planet Fitness is also offering those same teens the opportunity to sign up to win the Scholarship Sweepstakes. 51 Teens will be lucky enough to be selected for a $500 scholarship, and one teen will get $5,000! Prizes will be given away all summer long on their instagram for participating teens.

Studies have shown that teen fitness helps boost mental power and school performance, and Planet Fitness is doing its part to try to help.

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