Since 1942, The Albany Restaurant and Bar has been serving the Cheyenne community and has become a landmark steakhouse over the years. Now the iconic spot downtown is going up for sale as the owners are looking to retire.

Coldwell Banker - The Property Exchange has the property listed on their website and also posted to their Facebook page that the commercial property known as The Albany at 1506 Capital Ave in downtown Cheyenne is on the market. Coldwell Banker's post about the historic property reads:

The iconic Albany is ready for a new beginning. Located in Historic Downtown, just across from the celebrated Union Pacific Depot & Downtown Plaza. The Albany has been a staple in Downtown Cheyenne for over 100 Years and remains a thriving business. Owned & Operated by the same family for 79 years, the 2nd generation of owners are looking to settle into retirement. This is a unique opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs to leave their mark on Cheyenne.

According to the Coldwell Banker Commercial website, The Albany's property value is currently listed at $1,882,540. The square footage for the commercial property is listed at 26,467 and the building has been available on the market since March 1st.

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As stated on The Albany's website, the building went through more than a few names before becoming the local legendary spot you know it as today. Charles Becker had the building constructed in 1905 at it was then Hotel Becker while featuring Le Barron's Restaurant. Once ownership eventually changed over, it would become The Hotel Albany.

The Albany Bar also had a few different names in its earlier days such as The Depot Exchange Cafe, The Kabis Cafe, and then The Stockman's Bar.

As for any entrepreneurs looking to take on the unique business opportunity and add on to the legacy of The Albany, you can contact Bill Strickland of Coldwell Banker Commercial at 307-632-6481 or 307-631-5155.

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