The Highwomen -- the all-female supergroup comprised of Amanda Shires, Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby and Maren Morris -- are gearing up to release their first full-length project. The band's name is inspired by another iconic country supergroup, the Highwaymen (no, it's not a pot reference).

The Highwomen came to be, in part, because of a desire to foster connections between female artists and help continue the strong tradition of women in country music that the collective's members enjoyed growing up. "Almost all of us are mothers of young girls. And we all grew up listening to country music," Carlile recently explained. "We recognize that we're in a time right now where our daughters don't have the same country music heroes that we had.

"Our goal is simply to elevate all women and completely abandon the concept of competing with one another," she goes on to say. "So that we can let as many women through the door as possible, and give our girls those country music heroes that we all had."

Read on to learn everything we know about the Highwomen's upcoming new album.

The Title

The Highwomen have not yet officially shared the title of their forthcoming debut project, but according to MusicRow's Bobby Karl, the record -- and one of its songs -- will be named after the 1977 classic "Highwayman," the namesake song for the male supergroup the Highwaymen.

In March, Carlile shared that she and original songwriter Jimmy Webb had worked on an updated version of the track for the Highwomen, this time focusing on the "stories of women who died in protest." Per MusicRow, those stories include "a woman who fled violent Honduras, a healer who was convicted of witchcraft, a Freedom Rider who gave her life to the Civil Rights movement and a female preacher accused of heresy."

The Release Date 

The Highwomen have not yet shared their album's release date. During CMA Fest 2019, Carlile stated, however, that the album was "finished," so hopefully fans won't have to wait too long before hearing new music.

The Record Label

We don't know yet which record label is behind the Highwomen's first project. Stay tuned!

The Producer

The Highwomen's new album was produced by Nashville mainstay Dave Cobb, who has produced material for Shires, Carlile and Morris previously. At a recent listening party in Nashville, Cobb introduced the band by saying, "This project represents four badass women who cannot be contained," according to MusicRow.

The Album Cover

The cover art for the new project isn't available. The Boot will update this section when the group shares details.

The Single

According to MusicRow, the first single off the project will be called "Redesigning Women." Backstage at CMA Fest, Carlile related that the single is set to be released in July.

The Songs

The track list for the Highwomen's new album isn't available in full yet, but the songs will likely have traditional country leanings with feminist and pro-equality lyrical messaging. MusicRow describes the songs "Loose Change," "Crowded Table" and "Redesigning Women" as having "feminist angles."

"If She Ever Leaves Me (It Won't Be for You)," meanwhile, is reported to be a classic country story song told from a lesbian perspective, while the project will also include uptempo tracks named "My Name Can't Be Mama Today," "Don't Call Me" and "Heaven Is a Honky Tonk." Lori McKenna, Miranda Lambert and Laura Veltz all contributed their songwriting talents to the project, MusicRow reports.

Additionally, Carlile has said that Yola and Sheryl Crow are both "honorary Highwomen" who contributed to the project.

The Tour

The HighWomen haven't announced an official run of dates in support of the album yet, though Carlile has hinted that a "tour is being talked about." The band will deliver their first full public set at the 2019 Newport Folk Festival, on July 26.

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