When it comes to job searches, every state has its own that's certainly more relatable geographically. Then again, some can be just plain weird. In Wyoming, it seems that we're at least pretty relevant to the surrounding demographic and region where certain jobs are more prevalent.

With the help of Google trends, Zippia recently found out what jobs were the most interesting for each state based on their Google searches. In Wyoming, it's probably not that much of a surprise. The most interesting job-related Google search in our state for a job was 'driving jobs'. That one makes plenty of sense given our region. But some other states seem like they may have more explaining to do based on the research.

In Oregon, the most job-related Google search was 'how to call in sick'. There's a lot of people hoping to take a workday off in Oregon, apparently. In California, it's 'how to become an escort'. That one pretty much speaks for itself. In Utah, 'how to quit a job' was the most popular job-related search. There's plenty of people to our west that are looking forward to moving on it seems. Florida is looking for 'jobs that don't drug test'. That's another one that's self-explanatory. But then in Illinois, the most job-related search is 'drinking at work'. I grew up in Illinois, and I can tell you that's not something I would envision from that state, but here we are in 2021, doing everything we can to recover from the prior year, so go figure.

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But there it is, lots of job-related searches that are unlike anything you might find in the daily classified ads of a newspaper. Remember those? At least in Wyoming, we're more sensible with our job-related Google searches.

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