We are just a couple days away from Halloween. Of course, unless you're an extreme procrastinator, you probably have your costume already if you're dressing up. But in case you need an idea still, you can go with what is considered the most popular Halloween costume in Wyoming which you might already be able to guess by the title of this article.

The publication 'Best Life' recently revealed what the most popular Halloween costume is in every state as they received info from the custom retailer Rush Order Tees as well as other search trends in each state. Some of the more popular results for the most popular Halloween costumes in each state were Power Rangers, Fortnite, Cruella DeVillle, The Mandalorian, Pennywise, or various Marvel/DC characters. However, in Wyoming, the most popular costume was an Astronaut.

The Astronaut costume works for both kids and adults. Although if you're an adult wearing the costume, it could get to be a little much if you're at a Halloween party or out at a bar. It's on the puffy side of costume choices from head to toe.

As for a kid's astronaut costume, it could look like this...

And for an adult, maybe something like this...

If you need the last minute costume idea and you're wanting to go sprint to Spirit Halloween and grab an astronaut costume, you'll pay roughly about $54.99 for the Astronaut costume, according to their online store.

Of course, if you're in need of a last minute costume, there's always the do-it-yourself idea of throwing together a few items you might find on the cheap at Goodwill or maybe Dollar Tree, depending on what you decide to go as of course. Either way, be safe and Happy Halloween, Wyoming!

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