Every year, millions of visitors venture into the wilds of western Wyoming to witness Yellowstone National Park in all of its magnificent splendor. However, the wilderness can be a primitive and unforgiving landscape without access to basic necessities like vanilla lattes and caramel frapuccinos.

The south entrance to Yellowstone is over 57 miles away from the nearest Starbucks. They have general stores, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops scattered across the park, but not one Starbucks. That's just un-American.

Here's a list of the five best sites to build a Starbucks inside our grandest national park.


1. Old Faithful - For over a century, tourists visiting Yellowstone's most popular attraction have been forced to settle for second-rate coffee at the Old Faithful Basin Store. There's an espresso cart and restaurant inside the Old Faithful Inn next door, but they don't have smoked butterscotch mochas (butterscotch tastes better when it's smoked). A Starbucks would only add to the scenery and could even feature an indoor geyser that spews coffee.

2. Grand Prismatic Spring - Hundreds of curious visitors have been killed or injured after falling into hot springs over the years. What better way to keep tourists on the trail than to build a Starbucks? Instead of scalding in 160 degree water, they could enjoy hot coffee while viewing the breathtaking optical prism from the comfort of patio seating.

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3. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone - Since 1957, the nearby Canyon General Store has sold groceries and souvenirs. In recent years, it was expanded to include a yogurt shop and other retail outlets. If they built a Starbucks at Lookout Point, visitors could enjoy a blueberry scone along with their frozen yogurt.

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4. Lake Yellowstone - Contrary to popular belief, the Old Faithful Inn isn't the oldest lodge in the park. The Lake Yellowstone Hotel has welcomed guests since 1891. These days, nothing says rustic elegance quite like a gluten-free, sprouted-grain, vegan bagel.

Yellowstone National Park, Jim Peaco

5.  Mammoth Hot Springs - If you thought Yellowstone's south entrance was remote, the park's northern entrance is even further away from the nearest Starbucks. Building a store next to this unique travertine formation would be a short walk from the nearby Albright Visitor Center and could help showcase one of the park's most underated attactions.