Did you know the entire state of Wyoming only has two escalators?

Even for someone who grew up in the state, that's hard for me to believe. I would imagine every other state has one BUILDING with more than two escalators. But it is the truth - the Governor even confirmed it. It's also and some fun trivia to baffle your friends!

So today we're testing your Wyoming trivia and asking - Do you know where the escalators are located? 

Spoiler Alert: Answer Below

Both escalators are in Casper banks! One is located at First Interstate Bank, the other is at Hilltop National Bank. 

Note - Although the Casper airport had an escalator previously, it was removed in 2004. The JC Penny store in Cheyenne also formerly had an escalator.

Why Wyoming is this way is a more complex question. The Atlantic reports that it could be because of local fire codes that favor elevators over escalators for fire-safety reasons. Another factor could be that Wyoming is populated by many old buildings, which were built with stairs and elevators. Yet another part of the equation could be that when new buildings are built in places like Wyoming, where we enjoy an abundance of space, they are built out instead of up. Additionally, when compared to other major metro areas, land in the Cowboy State is relatively cheap. So, our big buildings tend to not need more than a couple of floors, in general.

SOURCE: The Atlantic

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