Below is a short list of the most deadly Christmas toys of all time.

You KNOW you want them.

Sorry, this stuff has been banned. Though if you dig around I bet you can still find one of these someplace.

WW1 relief package

Wait, a WHAT?

Soldiers during that war often got care packages of coffee, chocolate, cigarettes and so on. However, wealthy relatives could sell legal drugs during that time including cocaine and heroin.

The sale of non-prescription drugs to soldiers was banned in 1916.


Did you wonder why hoverboards came around quickly and then vanished?

The answer is that a lot of people got hurt, worldwide.

Gilbert U-283 Atomic Energy Lab

This was supposed to be an educational toy.

The U-283 Atomic Energy Lab contained actual samples of uranium ore, along with other radioactive materials.

Yes, your kid can work on the Manhattan Project.

What could go wrong?

CSI Lab Kits

Look, I'm all for teaching kids science, but...

The CSI: Fingerprint Examination and CSI: Investigation Forensics Lab Kits, designed for pint-sized crime solvers, were a little too intensive.

These kits contained 7% tremolite. That can cause cancer. The product was removed from stores in 2007.

Gilbert Glass Blowing Kit

Why not let your kid heat up some glass to the point that it glows and melts?

What could go wrong?

It's just a small bunsen burner cooking at around 600°C and 700°Cas they rotate the glowing glass.

Lawn darts

I love lawn darts. But too many people got impaled by them.

It was a big deal back in the 1970s and 80s.

They were metal-tipped darts meant to be thrown vertically and embed themselves in the grass. Instead, they often embedded themselves in people. Some people even DIED!

Toothpick crossbows

The toothpick crossbow is exactly what it sounds like: a small crossbow that shoots toothpicks.

These suckers could actually pernitrate soda cans.

Watch how DANGEROUS this toy can be.

It was not long before people got hurt and the toy was banned.

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