Made in America is a great thing to strive for, but why not shoot a little higher and buy local? Buying from local artists is always the best way to keep your dollars in your own community. There's one store in Jackson that takes the idea even further, with their policy to only stock items that were made by artisans and manufacturers from the Cowboy State.

"Made," in Jackson has a small profile, but a big impact. It's located in Gaslight Alley, which is a special place in the tourist-friendly town that caters specifically to people visiting Jackson and wanting to take something home with them when they leave, but that doesn't mean it doesn't fill itself to the gills with Wyoming treasures that anyone can enjoy.

Candles, Soaps, Throw Pillows, Leather works, Jewelry, and home decor, there's something for everyone. Just check out this vision of the store from the inside:

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If your New Year's Resolution was to buy more local things, then check this cool shop out the next time you're up north in Jackson Hole Country.

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