The kindness of strangers is always something to behold. Especially when it happens in Wyoming. Someone happened to film an act of kindness of their phone and put it up on the ever emerging social media medium of TikTok. The video is the kind of thing that could really only happen in the Cowboy State.

Sometimes when you're in traffic, you come across some things you would think you might never see again and you can't help but appreciate it when it's happening. Given the circumstances of what the video shows, you can bet that this was one of those times and it's likely you wouldn't be able to see the scenario in many other places outsides of Wyoming, nor would you see the act of kindness done in many other places either.

The song chosen, 'Dead Batteries' by $uicideboy$ is kind of out of place. However, it does add a little suspense in case you were wondering what was going to happen with the gate of that carriage open. The caption definitely applies perfectly given the situation. A random stranger comes to help while in traffic, albeit at a stoplight, so they can help save another stranger's cattle.

One of the comments on TikTok summed up the video perfectly. The TikTok user 'dustnmind' said, "Only in Wyoming would a stranger help out another stranger like this". We couldn't have said it any better.

You really do have to appreciate the kindness of random strangers sometimes, especially when you're in the Cowboy State.

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