The Cheyenne nameplate has been used for several years by Chevrolet and now General Motors has renewed its trademark for Wyoming's capital city. Will Cheyenne share its name with a Chevy truck again on the American market in near future? Possibly...

The recently filed trademark from General Motors calls for vehicles such as "motor land vehicles, namely, trucks". This, according to both auto publications, CarBuzz and Muscle Car & Trucks. Therefore, we shouldn't any expect things like 'the all-new tough as nails Backroad Malibu Cheyenne' or possibly the 'Rodeo Bolt Cheyenne'. Neither of those will exist at any point unless maybe in an alternate universe spoofed on the show 'Rick and Morty' or something of that nature.

There is speculation that the Cheyenne nameplate could be used as a new trim level for one of the new Silverados, but at this point, it's pretty much anyone's guess. There has yet to be a comment from General Motors as to why the trademark was filed. Perhaps it was to prevent a competitor from swiping the nameplate in the near future as this is not an uncommon practice. Autoblog suggested that maybe Chevy wants to prevent Ram from complementing the 1500 Laramie with a 1500 Cheyenne.

Chevy had initially introduced the Cheyenne nameplate back in 1971. Several models have been offered up with the Cheyenne nameplate since then, most popular of those has been the C/K series pickup until the most recent, the Silverado Cheyenne that was introduced in 2013 at the Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas.

Pickups seem to be in high demand right now, so who knows, perhaps with the new trademark being filed, your next new Chevy pickup purchase may ironically just have Cheyenne for the nameplate.

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