We all know Wyoming is an incredibly scenic state. There's tourism that comes to the Cowboy State from all over, especially during the summer months. Wyoming also seems to be one of the top states to come to for retirement as well. But of all the scenic spots in Wyoming, what town could possibly be labeled as 'Wyoming's most beautiful city'? It turns out, it's our very own capital city.

The popular travel publication known as 'The Travel' recently made a list, calling it 'These 10 Cities Are Wyoming's Most Beautiful'. We certainly can't disagree with them on that one. Here's why 'The Travel' listed Cheyenne in the top spot on the list:

Being the capital of Wyoming, it’s expected to have a large population. One of the major attractions here is the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, which has exhibits of artifacts and early rodeos. Other major attractions in this city are the Wyoming State Museum, Terry Bison Ranch, Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, and Cheyenne Big Boots, among others.

Other cities making that list that didn't finish as the 'most beautiful city in Wyoming' are listed as follows:

  • 2) Lovell
  • 3) Dubois
  • 4) Cody
  • 5) Jackson
  • 6) Pinedale
  • 7) Sheridan
  • 8) Thermopolis
  • 9) Buffalo
  • 10) Lander

Of course, if you need proof that Cheyenne is the most beautiful city in Wyoming, Visit Cheyenne tends to have some pretty good evidence to back up that claim.

There's definitely more than enough that we get to see almost daily that also provide a solid argument for Cheyenne being the most beautiful city in Wyoming. Enjoy it while you can! Or at least as much as possible before all the tourists get here next month for Cheyenne Frontier Days!

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